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Conga Fury

Being pleased with the previous results, Sara and I decided to team up again for some more makeup focused shots. Being a wild person herself, Sara wanted the photos to reflect this by having a more tribal feel. I really wanted to try a darker lighting setup as most of my photos so far have been far brighter and happier. I thought the tribal look would go well with much darker shadows, so I was all for it.

Once again, Sara brought a friend along to be painted up and look fierce. Monica was a very friendly person, who at first, seemed very softly spoken. Once the camera was on her and we asked her to growl for the camera, she changed completely and she pulled out some fantastic expressions. We all had fun laughing over Monica’s cute little growls she was letting out while posing. It really helped to break the angry illusion.

The photos on the back of the camera were looking great, and with the standard touch up editing, they turned out really well. Sarah and I were hoping for some really nice head shots for our folios, and this was everything we could have hoped for.

A big thank you to Sara, Monica and Julie for assisting towards this shoot.

Conga Fury Conga Fury Conga Fury Conga Fury