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The original concept was to have some photos that would look great in a high-end lingerie catalogue. Serious facial expressions that lack any emotion. That concept didn't quite work out.

Stef and Tim mentioned they knew a model that would be interested in having some photos taken, and wouldn't mind posing in lingerie. After being introduced to Elise I was instantly taken back. Absolutely stunning, with a warm and friendly personality that lit up the room. While Elise tried her hardest to keep the straight-faced look, one thing quickly became apparent. Elise is a naturally sexy person, and has that playmate look without even trying. Although the original concept didn't quite work out, we did end up with something far greater and more rewarding than I could have hoped for.

Stef was on hand to work her usual magic and make Elise look the part, and her results were the usual. Fantastic. Tim did a great job with the hair, and gave Elise that lovely full look. Julie was also on board to help me with moving everything around and made sure everything ran as smooth as it could.

Time unfortunately ran a little short on this shoot, so hopefully I will have the pleasure of working with Elise again in the future. In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed working on them.

Exquisite Exquisite Exquisite Exquisite Exquisite Exquisite Exquisite Exquisite