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I have a deep admiration for photographers who are able to work their lighting to create an image that has more depth and mysticism to it. It felt like it was time to play with the lighting a bit more and create some more artistic photos.

After seeing Linda’s folio on Model Mayhem, it was easy to see she had that svelte and luxurious appearance that would work incredibly well for fashion. I was fortunate that we could organise some time for us to take some photos together.

When I met Linda, I was happy to meet a model that was well spoken, friendly and incredibly talented, having made the two dresses shown here by herself.

Anna was the energetic part of our crew, always ready to bounce around and keep us amused. Not only did Anna do a great job with the make up, but her hair was spot on with a look that fits the photos perfectly.

Linda next showed how much of a true professional she is. Standing on a little stool, to exaggerate her height, she was able to pose for a few hours in what could only be described as some of the most awkward poses to hold. She was willing to take each and every direction I asked for without being afraid of how it may look.

In the end, there were so many really nice photos and it took a lot of effort to cut it to the ones you see now. While I was originally planning to make all of the photos black & white, the blue dress just stood out so much that it would have been a shame to take that vibrancy away.

I thank Julie again for assisting, Anna for her beautiful skills and energy, and Linda for being incredible to work with.

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