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Guess who's Coming

Sara let me know she had gorgeous, outrageous, and very Ukrainian friend, who was after some more photos for her folio. Being in a similar situation with my folio, and having a genuine interest in beautiful, Eastern European women, I somehow just couldn't say no.

Anastasia is a woman that can only be adequately described with one word.


When Anastasia turned up, she was already outgoing and friendly. She was also dressed up to the point I thought she came pre-dressed for the shoot. I was mistaken.

Wanting to try to emulate a few fashion styles, we decided to try a Guess style shoot for this one. We already have an over-the-top model, so all we needed was over-the-top clothing and an attitude to match. Anastasia also had the clothing side down, as she bought a bag with more clothing than I think I currently own.

We had tremendous fun and Anastasia was a natural. Always moving and constantly working from pose to pose. Pulling very flirtatious faces towards me, or even more amusingly, Jeremy. Lot’s of attempts at fake, and not so fake in Anastasia’s case, Russian accents kept us all in a state of laughter.

It was a very enjoyable day of shooting that ended far too fast, and not only because I filled all my memory cards for the first time ever. I definitely know I would like to work with Anastasia again. Even if any photos don’t turn out too well, she is just far too much fun. Fortunately though, I do not have to worry about the photos not turning out well.

After all the shooting was done, the harder part came. Sorting through 500+ photos to pick half-a-dozen or so that are the best. In the end, I am rather pleased with the results, and I hope that both Anastasia and Sara are also happy with them.

Guess who's Comming? Guess who's Comming? Guess who's Comming? Guess who's Comming? Guess who's Comming? Guess who's Comming?