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Every so often, there are those shoots that just work out perfectly. The concept was very simple: a gorgeous model lounging around on a bright, sunny day in stylish swimwear. A great reminder that the simplest ideas really are the best.

Sara was nothing short of amazing for this shoot. Her make up was perfect and her organisation for the location was flawless. Julie was brilliant (as always), at helping with the equipment and providing shelter for Chelsea during the down periods of the shoot.

Chelsea was fantastic, and I really couldn't have imagined working with a better model on the day. She was my introduction to an agency represented model, and it was just such a lovely experience. Punctual, friendly, polite and with the right confidence to pull off all of the looks without blinking an eye. Thank you so much Chelsea, it truly was a pleasure.

Lastly, credit really needs to go to a piece of equipment that was key in the overall look for this shoot. The Mola 28" Setti beauty dish. It just provides an amazing quality of light that works perfectly in so many situations. It was its own unique characteristics, but often looks like it isn't even there. Perfect.

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