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Ever since the Christmas shoot with Julie, I have really wanted to work with Stef again, and be able to showcase her amazing work. Sanae was absolutely fantastic with her modelling skills, and she was able to help out last minute. Stef was also able to procure her sister Sarah to help with the hair styling for this shoot.

I know that Stef's make up skills are flawless, and once I saw Sanae's beauty, I knew the title "Immaculate" was not an over exaggeration.

The results have come out incredibly well, and Stef blew me away once again with her capabilities. The close up of Sanae's eyes is a perfect showcase of her skills. Sarah's skill with hair was also perfect for the shoot.

As for Sanae, well not much can really be said that you can’t already see. She has beautiful skin, big, bright eyes, full lips, and amazingly symmetrical features. Sanae is also a personal trainer, so she has an amazing figure. I just feel bad, as I wasn't able to show that with these particular photos. I hope I can work with Sanae again to show all of her beauty a little further.

Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate