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Jamais Vu

Last time, I was hoping that I would work with Anastasia again, and it appears that has happened. Anastasia asked if I would be willing to take some photos of a friend of hers that was visiting from the Ukraine. I could not say no to having two attractive women posing in one afternoon, so Anastasia and her friend came around for some photos.

If the situation of working with two women wasn't going to cause enough confusion, having both of them called Anastasia would… Somehow we all pulled through without too many name issues… Well maybe just a few…

Brunette Anastasia was very different to the blonde Anastasia. Quiet, very curvy, and that dark, reserved, yet still cute look to her. We then of course had the blonde Anastasia who is very energetic, talkative and has a very wild look to her.

The two had contrasting enough looks to really get some great, varied photos. We also had plenty of lingerie to pick and choose from to get the best looks with both.

To help out with the hair this time, we had a hair stylist that Sara met on Model Mayhem, by the name of Roxanne. Roxanne was very kind to help us out with the hair, and did a great job with it. We had one request which was just big hair, and she was able to pull it off very nicely. She has been doing this a long time, and it really showed with her true professionalism.

Sara was on board for the make up, and as usual, had the perfect look organised for each of the Anastasias.

Thank you to Jeremy for assisting again, and Julie for assisting and cooking a meal at the end of a very long day.

I hope you all enjoy the photos of two very attractive women in some very nice lingerie.

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