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Natalie's Pin-up Session

This is a very special set for me as it marks the beginning of trying to branch out and work with other models. Due to this, I would like everyone to give a round of applause to the beautiful Natalie.

I was introduced to Sara and we quickly found a common interest in Pin-up photography. With the idea of the shoot in place, all we needed was a model, and Sara was kind enough to bring one of her friends along to pose for us. Having no idea what to expect when Natalie arrived at the studio, I was shocked to be able to work with someone this stunning at this point in my career.

As Sara started on the makeup, we all became better acquainted and started coming up with ideas for the shoot. Even though Natalie had never posed for photos like this before, she fell into a rhythm, started to relax and really get into the feeling of it.

Sara was absolutely amazing with both her makeup and help with setting up the looks for the photos. Natalie was a fantastic model, considering she had never done anything like this before.

Natalie's Pin-up Session Natalie's Pin-up Session Natalie's Pin-up Session Natalie's Pin-up Session