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After a couple of glamour style shoots, it felt like it was time for a fashion shoot. I was in the mood for some more Black & White photos with more tonality and very deep, black shadows.

Teaming up with Stef again for the make up, I knew the results would be spot on. Through Stef and Sarah, I was introduced to Tim, who was more than happy to help out with the hair. Tim is a very talented man, who is incredibly passionate about his work. Those two attributes are always welcome, and always show through in one’s work as well.

For the model, I was able to work with the lovely Lara. Like myself, Lara is fairly new to this and trying to get some more photos for her folio. She was absolutely fantastic to help with the shoot as she was just finishing off the remnants of a cold, and was still had a little sniffle. Trying to pose seriously cannot be easy when in that situation. Lara put in everything she had, and we ended up with some amazing photos towards the end of it.

As for the lighting, I tried to match the various styles up with the lighting. For the daytime clothing, the shadows are harsher as well as being a tighter coverage to show the daytime styling. For the party clothing, the lighting has become softer, lighter and the overall tone is brighter and happier. The final evening wear shoot, is a little darker and more mysterious.

This was an enjoyable shoot, and I cannot thank everyone enough who participated. From Jeremy and Julie, to Stef, Sarah and Tim, and of course Lara. Lara has an incredibly unique look that will take her far, and I just hope that I will have the pleasure of being able to work with her again.

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