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Mr. Calvin Klein really has a lot to answer for. Mainly my love of a beautiful woman in tight white top and dark crisp jeans. There is something about the simplicity that just appeals to me.

Sara recommended that her friend Katey would work well for this shoot, and I cannot disagree. She is in fantastic shape, and has some very nice curves that fit the look very nicely. Being a very active person, it just took some time to get Katey comfortable with lying around on a bed. Once she started enjoying it and wanting to fall asleep, she had the perfect looks.

Some very simple makeup combined with a spray bottle of water helped to acheive that wet, sweaty look. Sara also deserves extra thanks for donating her room, and her bed for the cause. It works really nicely as a backdrop for a model to roll around for a few hours.

Julie was on board again to help out with all the behind the scenes work. She always makes everything run so smoothly.

A big thanks to Steven at L&P Photographic, who I have known for a while and helped me out with the Profoto Hardbox. It worked perfectly for this shoot, and I would not have been able to get quite the same look without it.

Supine Supine Supine Supine