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Take the Long Way Home

It was time to try something a little different from what I had previously done. Sara and I had been talking for a while about a very airy, vintage style shoot with a cute 1950s inspired swimsuit. We had been talking about this for a few months and just decided to wait until we saw the right components that just fit together well.

Sara met Candy through Model Mayhem and they started talking about working on a shoot together. Sara thought that Candy’s previous photos and her general style would fit very nicely for this. I had to agree and we now just needed a swimsuit and a location.

While looking for swimsuits for a different shoot, we came past this very cute little piece on the racks. I instantly fell in love with it, and Sara had a similar feeling. The shoes followed about two days after. Two parts down, now just a location left.

The location was proving to be difficult. Everyone I know lives in fairly modern looking apartments and houses. Hardly the look that would fit this. Chlair came to the rescue by letting me know she had a long-time friend who lives in a beautiful terrace house that may be just what we were looking for. Chlair was a fantastic scout, and the location ended up being perfect. With everything in place, we just needed to shoot. We all met up at the house and started.

Candy was fantastic to work with. Intelligent, softly spoken, and a great taste in music. She wasn't even trying with the posing and it looked like it just came very naturally to her. The title comes from a Faithless song that Candy started dancing along with when it started. Anyone who likes Faithless that much is okay by me.

Sara was in her usual element, with the make up and hair. She really loved the idea of this shoot, and her work matched up perfectly.

This was one of those very easy shoots that just falls into place so easily and works so well. The only regret I have from the shoot is it worked so well, that I wished we would have had more swimsuits.

Thank you to Julie for organising everything behind the scenes again.

Take The Long Way Home Take The Long Way Home Take The Long Way Home Take The Long Way Home Take The Long Way Home