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While I'm a big fan of the elegance and sexiness that a corset can provide, there is a certain appeal of a beautiful woman wearing some dark, relaxed denim. So why not mix the two?

Maddison was the beautiful model who was eager to help with the shoot. Sara recommended Maddison as a friend who is very confident, has great looks, and a figure that would do some great justice to a corset. Her description was a little understated.

Maddison was great at just chatting, and making everyone feel comfortable. She started off a little shy with the posing, but we started hitting it off, and soon her natural sexiness just took over. Pose to pose, expression to expression. Maddison just kept on going without slowing down. She knew exactly how to make herself look her best. It really shows in the final results.

Originally, I was hoping to shoot this outside against a sandstone wall to have a slightly more natural looking scene. On the day though, it quickly became apparent that Maddison may have a few difficulties staying safely in the corset. We decided it may be a bit more decent to stay indoors for the shoot. Although I feel a bit lazy using the wallpaper for two shoots in a row, the results would argue with me. Once again I have to thank Eurowalls for such a great wallpaper.

Sara of course was on hand for her fantastic make up skills. It also never ceases to amaze me just how many friends she has that are so well suited towards modeling. This time Sara bought a contact off Model Mayhem who was looking at getting a bit more knowledge of make up for photography. Brooke was rather quiet, but also very friendly and paid great attention and managed to help out quite a bit. I hope I get a chance to work with Brooke again in the future.

And thank you, as always, to Julie. You always make everything run smoothly and your work behind the scenes is always appreciated.

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