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It had been a while since I last shot something fashion-esque, and that urge was starting to build. The idea was to mix crisp, clean clothing with a fairly rough and dirty environment, and then light it as though a giant flashlight was being used.

Our model, Ali, was very positive with the idea, and wanted to help in any way. Very professional, and quick to reply to any emails that were sent through. Ali showed up early to the shoot, and started to paint her nails while we chatted. Every part of her looked clean, well presented, and this was greatly appreciated.

Stef and Timmy were there to help with styling and the whole look of the shoot. Timmy was ecstatic to be able to go a little wild with the hair, adding in more extensions than any person would sanely want to wear, and then crimping the whole lot. The final look was perfect for the original concept of the shoot.

When Stef and I were thinking of a location that was fairly dirty and rough looking, but easy to get to and still had clean facilities, Queen Street was one of our first ideas. We had shot there before, loved the experience, so we decided to use it again. The look of the studio really fit nicely with the style, and it was a pleasure to shoot there again.

Julie was once again fantastic with organising everything and making sure it all turned out according to plan.

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