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The Last Stand

If I were the Penguin, how would I take care of the Batman?

Simple. Strap explosive rockets to the back of my seemingly infinite supply of penguins and launch 'em! We all know, I would still get my ass handed to me, but at least the explosive finale would put Michael Bay to shame.

Another illustration purely for printing. This time bright colours and a warped perspective were the main focus.

420mm x 594mm on Canson Velin Museum Rag 315gsm. As my main system was in transit at the time, this piece was mainly created using a Surface Pro (Gen 1) plugged into a monitor. That little tablet keeps on surprising me with just how useful and versatile it is for drawing.

Thanks to Font Factory Field for their font COM4t Fine Regular, Proframe for the great framing job, and Bruce Timm for creating such memorable designs that have stuck with me since my youth.

The Last Stand The Last Stand The Last Stand The Last Stand The Last Stand The Last Stand