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The Wolverine

Everyone loves a furry, little badass. Especially when he has metal bones, the ability to cheat death, and of course, the mother of all hair styles. Add in one of his coolest adversaries of all time, and I think we're done.

Wanting to create an artwork that was looks its best when printed, vector sounded like an intelligent way to go. Having never tried Illustrator for this level of line work, I was interested to see how it could handle it. It appears quite well.

420mm x 594mm on Canson Velin Museum Rag 315gsm. Just over four and half thousand vector items. 200 million pixels when converted for print. Too many Illustrator CS6 crashes to count, and about a month worth of work.

Thanks go out to Denis Masharov for his font Forum, Proframe for the great framing job, and Travis Charest for his many Wolverine artworks that have inspired me over the years.

The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine The Wolverine